Expanding knowledge with a PhD

calendar 8 септември, 2023

Enida Zhugri Istrefi is from Albania and has Bachelor and Master in Finance and Banking from the University „Aleksander Moisiu“ Durres.

Enida completed her doctoral education in UNWE in 2023. Her dissertation topic is „The effects of the exchange rate policy on the economic growth of the Western Balkan countries.“ The PhD supervisor is Prof.Svetlana Aleksandrova – Zlatanska. Ph.d

What is your professional experience over the years in brief?

– Since 2015, I have been engaged as a lecturer at „Aleksander Moisiu“ Durres University, Department of Finance-Accounting. Other professional experiences have been numerous participations in national and international conferences. My current Position is Assistant lecturer at University „Aleksander Moisiu“ Durres, Albania from 2015.

What was your motivation to start Ph.D?

– During my academic career, I have focused on deepening my studies in the higher cycles, including doctoral studies. The biggest challenge during the Ph.D.: The challenges have not been few during these years of study. One of the difficulties I would highlight was online learning since I live outside Bulgaria. Anyway, it was a challenge that I passed successfully, thanks to the dedication of my scientific supervisor, the members of the department (International Economic Relations and Business), and my personal motivation to complete this cycle of studies.

Undoubtedly, completing this study cycle was one of the most challenging but, at the same time, the most beautiful experiences of my academic career.

– Why did you choose this particular topic for your dissertation?

– One of the reasons why I chose this topic is that more and more countries are becoming involved in economic relations between them. Economic growth is affected by the exchange rate fluctuation, so I studied the effect of this fluctuation on the economic growth of four Western Balkans countries.

What is your scientific contribution in the field of your dissertation?

– The main practical conclusions of the research related to the choice of the exchange rate policy and how this policy interacts with the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators. The main contributions of this dissertation are as follows:

  • This study systematizes the theories and views related to exchange rate policy, the impact of the fluctuating exchange rate on GDP growth, and theories that explain the effect of exchange rate volatility on openness trade and foreign direct investments. Also theoretical part of this study are systematization of theories of exchange rate regimes as; the optimum currency area and financial and political approaches.
  • The research enriches the economic studies on the impact of the exchange rate policy on economic growth in Western Balkan countries. The dissertation is deep research on the economic development of the Western Balkan under the applied exchange rate policy. The study covers an extended period (1990-2021), which allows for tracing the economic development and changes in the economic growth of the WBC.

What are the benefits from the Ph.D. in your present job?

– One of the main benefits of doing doctoral studies is professional skills in the field of study. This period of study has served me to expand my knowledge in this field and opened up many opportunities for cooperation in the academic field with the respected professors of this department.

Something interesting you want to share about the Ph.D.?

– I hope that in the future, I will have the same will to strengthen my studies in the same field. It is one of the fields of study that has many debates among researchers. For this reason, I think my studies will expand even more thanks to the collaborations with colleagues in the same field.

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