This program has enriched me on a personal level

calendar 5 ноември, 2023

Chiara Alaimo graduated in 2023 from the dual program in „International Business in English“ between UNWE and UNINT. Chiara also has a solid academic background.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Languages for Interpreting and Translation; year 2018; University of the International Studies of Rome – UNINT 
  • Master’s degree in in Interpreting and Translation; year 2020; University of the International Studies of Rome – UNINT  
  • Master’s degree in Economics and International Management; year 2022; University of the International Studies of Rome – UNINT 
  • Master’s degree in International Business; year 2022; University of National and World Economy – UNWE 
  • Master in Diplomatic Studies; year 2023; Società Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale – SIOI

Professional experience over the years in brief: 

  • University Tutor for the Advanced Training Course “Ready to Export” at University of the International Studies of Rome – UNINT; 
  • Intern at the Embassy of Italy in Sofia; 
  • Intern at the Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in Rome. 

From 2023 Chiara is a Ph.D. Candidate in Global Studies & Innovation at the University of the International Studies of Rome –– UNINT.

Why did you choose the dual program in International Business between UNWE and UNINT? 

It was 2020, and I had recently completed my first master’s degree in interpreting and translation. Nevertheless, during my five years of education at University, I had started to take a keen interest in international economics and international business. Therefore, I made the decision to seek a new master’s degree in international economics and international business. I found that incorporating some internationalization into my path was the greatest way to do that. I decided to transcend beyond my national (Italian) reality by choosing a dual program in English-language. Because of my keen interest in the Balkan region, UNWE was the ideal university and Sofia the most suitable place. 

– How does the education help you in your current job? 

Having a strong interest in research and study, I recently started a Ph.D. program in Italy. Therefore, the education received in this program has played and continues to play a crucial role in my current path. Indeed, education plays a crucial role in the development of my Ph.D. in several ways: first, because of the notions and tools acquired in terms of international business, but also and especially because of the deepening of economic and cultural knowledge of the Balkan countries. Indeed, my research project is about the economic and commercial relations between Italy and the Balkans. 

What kind of qualities did the training build in you that are applicable and useful in practice? 

Earning a dual degree program can develop a wide range of qualities and skills that are highly applicable and useful in practice. However, it is important to consider that the specific qualities cultivated may depend on the combination of degrees and the individual’s experiences. This dual program gave me interdisciplinary knowledge, helping me developing a broad and interdisciplinary understanding of various subjects. Moreover, thanks to the program, I developed a global perspective which is valuable in our increasingly globalized world. Finally, I also improved my communication skills and problem-solving skills as well as my research skills. 

– What would you recommend to young people who are still hesitating to enroll in this program? 

If young people are hesitating to enroll in the dual degree program UNWE-UNINT, I would recommend that they carefully consider their goals, interests, and priorities before making a decision. In my case, I decided to apply for the program both for my personal growth and for career opportunities. And it was a beneficial experience for me on both a personal and professional level. I arrived in Sofia during a complex situation when COVID-19 was spreading and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine was just getting started. Nevertheless, I can state that I made the right choice for me and my future aspirations.  

In any case, the decision to enroll in a dual degree program should be based on your personal and professional aspirations. It is a significant commitment, and it is important to make an informed choice that aligns with your vision for the future. 

– Something additional and interesting that you can share about the program? 

As previously stated, this program allowed me to further my professional development. I owe this to the theoretical and practical lessons I received at UNWE and UNINT as well as to my internship at the Italian Embassy in Sofia. Furthermore, this program has enriched me on a personal level. I had the chance to learn more about Sofia, Bulgaria, and Bulgarians, discovering a fascinating country and people and enriching my cultural and linguistic background. The same was done in Rome and throughout Italy by my Bulgarian colleagues who successfully applied for the dual program. 

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